Sunday, 20 November 2011

3 Day Countdown....

3 days till the appointment at the specialist (how did it come around so quickly??!?!)

3 days to compile my list of questions

I have written down one (1) question.

My friend has provided me with about ten really constructive, well thought out and logical questions to ask (thanks Hayley!) Once I actually have my list compiled and typed out I will post it here so anyone else in the same situation can have an idea of where to begin with the questions.

So where am I at the moment, how do I feel? I really have no idea (still!). By now I was hoping I would at least know myself what I want to take away from this appointment but I still really have no idea! I guess with everything else happening, I have been putting it at the back of my mind to think about later because I have pleeeeenty of time to think about this stuff! Three days is enough time to make a major decision...right...?

I think my brain may explode.....