Sunday, 25 September 2011

Why is it that everyone else is having babies...

but I'm not? I seem to be at the baby store a lot these days...buying baby shower and first birthday presents for other people/their children.

Its not that I want a baby right this minute, or even this year, but just having the option would be nice. Kind of like how awesome it was when the supermarket started opening 24/7, its not that you want cookies and cream icecream every night at 2am. but its comforting to know that if you need it, its there waiting for you, you just have to make the decision to reach out and grab it. Your in control of the decision. PCOS leaves you out of control. Your supermarket is only open when a myriad of other influences dictates it can be.

I guess because I'm yet to start any treatment, I still don't know what the plan of action is. I want to make plans, put things on the calendar, be organised. I'm hoping *fingers crossed* that this upcoming appointment will give me options and some kind of idea what to expect. Then I might be able to make a plan for the next 12 months or so. At the moment its all still so foreign. Writing all of this down, and reading other blogs has made it all seem that much more real, a little more in my face - which is probably what I needed, the quicker I start taking this all in, the sooner I can deal with it, whatever the outcome is. 

Today's photo is taken at Tanner Point in the Bay of Plenty at a 6am sunrise....I'm hoping my personal sunrise will one day be this beautiful.

Until next time....delight, laughter and pizzazz.


Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The dreaded letters...PCOS

Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome. 

For those who want a brief explanation: PCOS is a hormone imbalance which stops the ovaries from releasing eggs which means that no eggs reach the uterus to be fertilised.

For those who want to read a little more into it :

So from the beginning.....I had known for a long time that there was something wrong with my reproduction side of things, there was something niggling away at me that all wasn't right. We should listen to our intuition more often. For a long time my doctor passed it off as just irregular periods, a hang-on from when I was very underweight as a teen (I was 45kgs at 18). She did send me for blood tests which showed some levels that were on the slightly higher side of normal but nothing overly concerning.

It was only when I was seeing a gynecologist about my abnormal smears that I expressed my concern about my lack of a period (at that point I hadn't had one in 8 months) and he said it might pay to do some more investigating as lack of a period for extended time, other than infertility, can lead to other complications such as much higher chances of ovarian cancer. He didn't seem to concerned but wanted to get a scan to rule out anything untoward.

I referred for the scan which, despite being through the public system, I was seen very quickly for. The radiologist was lovely and when she said casually said whilst doing an internal ,"have the cysts in your ovaries already been diagnosed?" I felt, believe it or not, of all the emotions I could have had, I was relieved.

There was a reason my body wasn't working!
It wasn't all in my mind!
It was something that could, hopefully, be fixed!!

The last time I saw the specialist he confirmed what I had already been inadvertently told, I had PCOS. We talked briefly about the side affects of PCOS. I'm lucky in the sense that the only real side effects that I have had is a bit of weight gain and irregular periods. I have *touch wood* not had any of the hair loss/gain or excessive amounts of acne (other than the occasional hormonal breakout!) that a lot of other people experience.

We also went over the options going forward, mainly being starting drugs to induce ovulation, the main risk being ending up with multiples! But first I had to make the actual decision, was I ready to start treatment? Then and there, in the hospital room with only my trusty nurse as support (she is the same nurse that by fluke chance has been with me for all of my colposcopies) I wasn't ready to make ANY decisions. The specialist said that given the severity of the PCOS he would an encourage a patient who was emotionally ready to start a family to begin treatment given that it isnt something that generally improves with age.

So that's basically where I am today. I have an appointment scheduled in 2 months time where I have to be able to tell my specialist if I am ready or not.

Am I? Pass. I guess I have two months to decide.

Today's pic is a photo my partner took of me around the same time I was beginning to see the specialist. I think its quite poignant, me on my journey.

Until next, wonderment and delight


P.S I Promise not all my blogs will be this long!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

So here begins my story

There seems to be so much to try and fit in this one blog, and its late, but I will try to summarise a bit and I will delve into things a bit more as I get used to the whole blogging thing.

Im 23 and have been diagnosed with severe polycystic ovaries syndrome earlier this year. It only took about two years of telling my doctor I knew there was something wrong with my body for her to finally listen to me and send me for more than just a blood test. A scan confirmed the cysts present in both of my ovaries and several blood tests confirmed that I was not ovulating. So that's the crux of the blog, dealing with this "demon", while pretending it doesn't exist because I'm too young to be worrying about these things right? I have plenty of time to worry about having kids? Apparently not anymore. I have to put on my big girl undies and make some big decisions over the next few months/years because I'm not going to be one of those people who inadvertently becomes a mother, I wont have a "unplanned but much wanted surprise". I cant blame it on missing a pill or getting the dates wrong - it will be planned, discussed, stressed over and discussed again but hopefully it will all be worth it in the end.

A little more about me....I live with my partner (and two cats) in the idealistic, white picket fence (literally!) home that we bought two years ago with the intention of it becoming our "family home".

I work in the finance industry and my passion is photography which is a stark difference from my day job. It really is my creative outlet. I especially love photographing people and even more-so, my nieces, nephews and friends children. Capturing a smile, a giggle, a grump face. Children are so honest and unafraid to show their true emotions to the camera. I am hoping to use some of my photography to go along with my blog.

Today's photo is a picture of my house and the famous white picket fence just in the right hand corner...

So until next time - love, light and happiness.