Tuesday, 20 September 2011

So here begins my story

There seems to be so much to try and fit in this one blog, and its late, but I will try to summarise a bit and I will delve into things a bit more as I get used to the whole blogging thing.

Im 23 and have been diagnosed with severe polycystic ovaries syndrome earlier this year. It only took about two years of telling my doctor I knew there was something wrong with my body for her to finally listen to me and send me for more than just a blood test. A scan confirmed the cysts present in both of my ovaries and several blood tests confirmed that I was not ovulating. So that's the crux of the blog, dealing with this "demon", while pretending it doesn't exist because I'm too young to be worrying about these things right? I have plenty of time to worry about having kids? Apparently not anymore. I have to put on my big girl undies and make some big decisions over the next few months/years because I'm not going to be one of those people who inadvertently becomes a mother, I wont have a "unplanned but much wanted surprise". I cant blame it on missing a pill or getting the dates wrong - it will be planned, discussed, stressed over and discussed again but hopefully it will all be worth it in the end.

A little more about me....I live with my partner (and two cats) in the idealistic, white picket fence (literally!) home that we bought two years ago with the intention of it becoming our "family home".

I work in the finance industry and my passion is photography which is a stark difference from my day job. It really is my creative outlet. I especially love photographing people and even more-so, my nieces, nephews and friends children. Capturing a smile, a giggle, a grump face. Children are so honest and unafraid to show their true emotions to the camera. I am hoping to use some of my photography to go along with my blog.

Today's photo is a picture of my house and the famous white picket fence just in the right hand corner...

So until next time - love, light and happiness.



  1. I haven't been through infertility, so cannot offer any advice, but wish you lots of luck. I hope your journey isn't long, before you get a special wee bundle to hold in your arms.

  2. Wooohooo congratulations on beginning a wonderful blog and I hope your journey turns out to be a lot shorter than you expect. Linda

  3. I was diagnosed with PCOS at 21. When I found out at 23 that I also had hypothyroidism, my doctors told me the same thing you've heard, that it won't get better and that if I wanted a family to start trying as soon as possible. My husband and I never planned to start trying so soon, but now two years and three miscarriages later we have our son. It really is all worth it in the end. I hope you will have an easy time of it all and as many babies as you want, when you want them.

    And, P.S. You might just also have a "oops, missed a pill" pregnancy. One of my three miscarriages was that way and the other two were conceived right after I stopped the pill. Apparently in some women who don't ovulate spontaneously, the hormonal suppression from birth control pills can kind of prep the ovaries to do their job.

  4. Hey chick. Just wanted to give you some hope. My SIL has fertility issues.....drs think its PCOS but dont really know. She has two beautiful healthy boys that came after years and years of trying. No drugs, no planning, no dr intervention etc. It CAN happen and it will when the time is right. Lots of hugs for you. I have PCOS too, but didnt know until about 6mths ago. You dont wanna hear my story lol. Keep posting about your journey hun <3