Thursday, 20 October 2011

So the specialist appointment is looming

well not really...its in a month but with the way the weeks are disappearing at the moment, I'm sure it will be here before I know it.

I still really have no idea what to ask, what to expect or what the outcome may be.

To be honest I don't even know what I want to do.....(its not like I've had months to decide or anything....right?)

I now understand why when I was a teen, people older than me would say "enjoy being young, don't rush to grow up"....All of this "being an adult" stuff is scary, and a lot to take in.

I know I need to make some decisions because it appears no one else can make them for me!

I went to the mall this evening and it was unnerving to see all the Christmas decorations in stores already. Surely its not that time of year yet!?! I have my head stuck in the sand about the impending festive season (with 7 nieces and nephews to sort presents for!) because at the moment one hurdle at a time seems like a lot to cope with so if I can get through this appointment I can start actually making some real plans for Christmas.

 I've been trying to get out a bit lately, going to all the birthdays, girls dinners and of course the Rugby World Cup has provided a great distraction (go the All Blacks!) so that's been a great outlet. I really am lucky to have a few amazing friends around me. They are my saving grace (I'm talking about you Sarah!)

Today's photo is taken at Lake Taupo...because I feel like I could going there for another holiday right about now!

Until next time....splendor, confidence and hope.

Rach x

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