Sunday, 20 November 2011

3 Day Countdown....

3 days till the appointment at the specialist (how did it come around so quickly??!?!)

3 days to compile my list of questions

I have written down one (1) question.

My friend has provided me with about ten really constructive, well thought out and logical questions to ask (thanks Hayley!) Once I actually have my list compiled and typed out I will post it here so anyone else in the same situation can have an idea of where to begin with the questions.

So where am I at the moment, how do I feel? I really have no idea (still!). By now I was hoping I would at least know myself what I want to take away from this appointment but I still really have no idea! I guess with everything else happening, I have been putting it at the back of my mind to think about later because I have pleeeeenty of time to think about this stuff! Three days is enough time to make a major decision...right...?

I think my brain may explode.....


  1. They may just refer you for more testing to try to get some answers. You will likely not have to make any important decisions on the spot, hopefully. I hope your appointment goes great and I can't wait to read about it.

  2. Hi liz,
    Last time I was at the specialist he said I should decide if I wanted to start treatment from this appointment. I am going to request some other tests that I don't think have been done yet so I will just see how I go :)